Submissions Open for Issue One: Ritual


The theme for the first issue is RITUAL.

Submissions will be open until Thursday 8 November, and will be published at the end of November. (Submission criteria has been updated. See post about it HERE.)

As the publication date lies within a month of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, Saturnalia, New Years and various harvest festivals around the world, we thought it appropriate to invite stories that explore the concepts of rituals and rites.

So get however many fingers you have onto the nearest keyboard, or wrap your tentacle around a pencil and get composing some prose for our first issue.

Check out our submission criteria for more information.

Looking forward to reading what spills from your weird minds.

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Submissions for Issue 1 closed!

Thanks to all those who submitted for the first issue of Eldritch Space Monster. We’re in the process of reading through submissions, and have begun narrowing down to our top few.

If you submitted,  expect an email in a few days with some news.

We’re looking forward to Issue 2, and are deciding between a few different themes. We’ll be expecting to announce shortly.

As we’ve said, Eldritch Space Monster is a living thing, and we’re trying to get this beast off the ground. We’re reviewing our submission process, especially the pay-to-submit problem (which we don’t really like having to do). It may be that we explore other monetisation options in the meantime like some affiliate links or book/film reviews in the vein of Eldritch Space Monster.

Watch this void.