Eldritch Space Monster is a living thing.

We focus on fantasy, science fiction, weird fiction and horror, with particular emphasis on the blurry lines between those genres. We publish stories about the unknown, the unknowable, the uncanny, unusual and uncomfortable. Stories about vast cosmic entities, tiny parallel realities, dimensions of conscious-bending colors, self-aware nebulae, ancient androids, creatures made of thought. That kind of thing.

We want stories that don’t quite fit anywhere else. We also accept illustrations and artwork inspired by that fiction, which is then retro-fitted into the journals. In this way, the slumbering beast mutates, ever growing into a collaboration of minds.

We believe in paying writers and artists for their work. We would like to pay more than we do.

Every two months, Eldritch Space Monster will publish up to three stories: up to two pieces of flash fiction (up to 500 words) and one piece of short fiction (500-3000 words). Published fiction will be paid 5 cents*/word, up to a maximum of $60*.

Artwork must be inspired by stories on the site and may be submitted at any time. If accepted, your art will be paired with and retro-fitted into the journal with the appropriate story. Artists are paid on a tendering basis. Please see our submission criteria for more information.

Poetry, comics and established writer/artist collaborations are welcome too. Please see our submission criteria for more information.

All published authors and artists retain a permanent spot on our contributor directory, which we hope will grow to become a hub for future collaborations.

Stories and artwork may be collected into a planned annual e-book and print anthology, which will be available for purchase on the site.

Ready to submit? Please refer to our submission criteria before submitting.


*Prices are quoted in US dollars.