Submission Criteria

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For all submissions to Eldritch Space Monster (except illustrations) we ask for a modest submission fee ($3*). Your fee goes towards upkeep and running of the site, appeasing our host, reader fees, and the dark substances needed to feed the secret and clicking horrors living in our basement.

If your writing or artwork is chosen for publication, Eldritch Space Monster claims Worldwide first digital publication rights for six months,  as well as first Worldwide print rights for one year from date of digital publication. By submitting, you agree to these terms.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Please let us know if the piece is accepted elsewhere and we will remove your submission. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the submission fee if your submission is removed.

Past contributors are welcome to submit again.

We will not consider previously published work, whether online or in print. This includes your personal blog.

Multiple submissions are welcome, though each submission must be made separately.

Submission fee is non-refundable.

Published authors and artists are paid through Paypal. We cannot pay directly into bank accounts at this stage.

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Flash fiction submissions are anything up to and including 500 words.

Short fiction submissions are between 500 and 3000 words. There is a little leeway past 3000 words, but don’t get carried away.

Published fiction will be paid 5 cents*/word, up to a maximum of $60*.

We ask for a modest $3* submission fee for fiction. This is to cover admin costs and upkeep of the site. We’re hoping to be able to remove this fee in future.

Submissions must be made in English. Every effort will be made during the editing stage to preserve the dialectical preference of the author. Whether you spell it ‘color’ or ‘colour’ is your business, as long as you’re consistent. We just want a good story.

Please include your name somewhere on the document.

Submit writing in .doc, .docx, or .odt formats.

Font size should be 10-12, and font should be Courier New, Times New Roman, Calibri or something similarly neutral. If you submit a story in Comic Sans it will be printed out and set alight and we will spend your submission fee on coffee.


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Art and Illustrations

Eldritch Space Monster accepts artwork and illustrations based on the stories already published on its site. You may submit artwork and illustrations inspired by any story, and these are free to submit. As there is a huge variance between art styles, time involved and the size of different artworks, artists are asked to tender a bid for their own payment for publication as part of the submission process. This can be up to a maximum of $50*.

The last thing we want to do is tell an artist they’re not worth their quote. We will do all we can to pay you what you’d like, but please be aware that there may be some negotiation around payment for art and illustrations as part of the publication process.

Please do not submit Photoshop or Illustrator files.


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Writer/Artist Collaborations

If you would like to submit your own illustrations with your writing, or you already have a collaborating partner who has illustrated your story, that’s great!

If published, you will be paid 5 cents*/word, up to a maximum of $60*, and an appropriate payment for the artwork. See the artwork submission guidelines above for more details.

Submissions with both fiction and accompanying illustration require a submission fee of $3*.


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If you would like to submit something that doesn’t quite fit with any of the above criteria, please contact us to talk about what you’d like to do.

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Feedback on submissions

Unfortunately, we cannot offer specific feedback on submissions. If we want to publish your work, we will email you personally. If not, you will receive a standard rejection slip. We promise we will word it nicely.

If you do not hear back from us within two months of submitting, please contact us.

I look forward to your work.


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*Prices are in US dollars.